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Dr. Carol J. Brooks, DDS offers ClearCorrect -- an alternative to traditional metal braces -- to the residents of Inglewood, California, and the greater Los Angeles community.

ClearCorrect Q & A

by Carol J. Brooks, DDS

Why should I get braces?

Esthetics and a lovely smile are probably the foremost reasons people get braces, but there are also oral health reasons. When your teeth are too close together, it's hard to get them clean, which increases the risk of gum disease. When teeth are crooked, they may wear unevenly. An uneven bite can cause pain and may increase the risk that you will chip or break a tooth. Although teens traditionally have been candidates, adults and even older people can also get braces.

What's different about ClearCorrect?

All types of braces straighten your teeth. Traditional braces are metal brackets attached to the teeth. The braces are wired together and rubber bands are also attached to put tension on teeth and gradually move them into position. The major difference between traditional braces and ClearCorrect is that the latter are clear plastic forms that fit over the teeth. They are much less noticeable and can be removed for eating and oral hygiene.

Does ClearCorrect have advantages over traditional braces?

ClearCorrect is a soft plastic form (called an aligner) rather than metal; it is much less likely to rub sore spots on mouth and gums. Traditional braces cannot be removed and oral hygiene can be difficult. Popcorn, apples, and similar foods may be off- limits with traditional braces due to the risk of breaking a wire. ClearCorrect braces are removable, so you can eat whatever you want. It's also much easier to floss and brush your teeth. You may not need to see the dentist as often with ClearCorrect as with traditional braces.

How do ClearCorrect braces work?

ClearCorrect braces are made from a computer-generated 3-D model of your teeth. Each brace is slightly different than the previous brace, gradually moving your teeth into alignment. Most people wear each brace (aligner) for about three weeks before switching to a new one. As with traditional braces, treatment takes about one to two years for most people.

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