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Dr. Carol J. Brooks, DDS offers custom dental veneers and other cosmetic dental services to the residents of Inglewood, California, and the greater Los Angeles community.

Veneers Q & A

by Carol J. Brooks, DDS

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin coverings or shells placed over stained, damaged, or oddly-sized teeth. Veneers are permanent, as they are bonded to the existing tooth. Made of porcelain/ceramic or a composite resin material, veneers can be color-matched to the

existing teeth and cover one or more problem teeth.

Why would I need veneers?

Veneers serve a cosmetic function. Teeth that are stained and resistant to bleaching can be covered with a veneer; veneers are also a good choice for covering a tooth that has an internal stain (which cannot be bleached out). Perhaps you have a noticeable gap between your front teeth; veneers can be used to cover the gap. If you chip a tooth, a veneer can solve the problem.

How many appointments are required?

Most people need three appointments for veneers. The first appointment is to allow the dentist to assess your teeth and mouth and develop a treatment plan. If you need a cavity filled, for example, that should be done first. When you return for the second appointment, the dentist will buff the teeth lightly. Meanwhile, the veneers are being made at a custom dental lab. The last visit is when the veneers are actually applied.

How are veneers made?

The dentist bonds and sculpts composite resin veneers to your teeth. The material is like plastic and can be shaped to fit your teeth. Porcelain veneers are more complex. First, the dentist prepares a mold of the existing teeth, then the mold is sent to a custom dental lab where the veneer is actually created. Then your dentist will perform a final fitting, check for color, and make adjustments if necessary. At that point, the tooth is cleansed with a special chemical and the veneer is permanently cemented in place.

Do veneers need special care?

Expect it to take a week or two to adjust to veneers. Sometimes the covering feels a little odd, especially if the veneer is shaped or sized differently than your own tooth. Dental veneers need no special care. Floss daily, brush twice a day, and see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleaning.

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